Educating the Educators: The Military Child IS in your school district/school/classroom

The video of the training I did I in March at K-State for Superintendents, Educators and Military leaders has been posted. It’s the second from the bottom video on this page.

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2016 Ed Symposium Resources for Teachers of Military & Veteran Connected Students

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Discovering Retreat!

Fort Knox When my first day working on post had come to an end, I was left feeling a little overwhelmed by the military aspect of my new job. So I decided to swing by football practice to find some familiarity, and regroup before heading home. Little did I know that not all breaks in football practice are for water, especially when it involves U.S. Army Fort Knox. A bugle sounded and everything stopped. There was no warning; there was no waiting. There were only young men and their coaches, standing at attention, staring off into the distance – with the utmost pride and respect on their faces. Imagine yourself watching an everyday football practice; the familiar sounds of pads hitting, whistles blowing, people yelling – and literally, out of nowhere, it all stops.Everyday at 5 p.m., everything comes to a complete halt on Fort Knox for ceremony known as “Retreat.” It holds great meaning to every military man and woman on post, and for good reason. I will never forget the first time I experienced this. The entire team stopped dead in their tracks, took off their helmets and just stood there; motionless. Not to mention they were staring off into the distance in the direction in which I was located, I get cold chills just thinking about it. I made this video so that people unfamiliar with this everyday ceremony, like myself just a month ago, could learn to appreciate this event as much I have lately. These football players are high school kids aged 15-18, just like any other kid their age, but when that bugle sounds they show maturity well beyond their years. It’s humbling, it’s prideful, and it’s amazing to experience in person. This video was shot during a Thursday afternoon walk-through practice, as the Eagles of Fort Knox High School made their final revisions before game day. Watch for yourself. Click the Fort Knox link at the beginning of story.

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5 Ways to Step Out of Your Military Life Funk – Jo, My Gosh!

This is such a great list, simple, yet down to the core of change. Many Military Spouses will identify with her description of how 6 weeks was harder than 12 months. I think the key to that is we mentally and logistically prepare for the long deployments, so when a short one comes along, we think, “too easy” and do not prepare in the same way. Mental preparation is key to functioning well through change.  5 Ways to Step Out of Your Military Life Funk – Jo, My Gosh!.

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ArmyFit: Frustrating, Then Surprisingly Empowering |

Hey Army Spouse friends, have you tried to take the GAT 2.0? Here is a blog by my friend Liz and her experience. I had a similar experience a few years ago when it was first released, GAT 1.0, for spouses. My results: need more sleep, more exercise, less stress and over all doing OK. Very vague. It did give me links to self-help resources that could take a look at. Let me know if you are planning on or have taken it.  ArmyFit: Frustrating, Then Surprisingly Empowering |

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September 2014 | College of Education

September 2014 | College of Education.

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Educating the 21st Century Parents

I feel that the pushback from parents around the country in regards to common core/college and career ready standards is in part due to being “the last straw” in a rapidly changing landscape in education with new technological and pedagogical practices like BYOD and ‘flipped-classrooms”. Without a background as to the “why”, it is too much, too fast and too different from what the institution of education has been for generations. So now states, districts, bldg admin and teachers are left backpedaling to explain to frustrated consumers why these changes are needed for the 21st century learner. Yet, the majority of schools still employ outdated styles of learning when dealing with parents, like the “back to school night”, where parents are put in rows in their children’s classrooms to receive a briefing from a teacher on how learning needs to be interactive and engaging etc. It’s an incongruent message. Opportunities to get the parent truly invested in education 21st style is going to take a concerted effort and more change on the part of the institutions.
Here is a resource for parents:

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Timeline Photos – 1st Infantry Division

What a great policy to help parents be more connected with their child’s education. Providing the opportunity for parents to show their children that school is important enough that their parents can accompany them the first day is “walking the talk” of being good role models. Duty First!

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August 2014 | College of Education

New teachers, here is an easy resource to fit into your new and busy schedule. You may find a new tip or be reminded of something previously learned but buried in nerves and district policy papers.

August 2014 | College of Education.

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Dr. Jill Biden and MCEC

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