Week 1: Technology Bits, Bytes & Nibbles Reflection

 Is a fabulous site created by my instructor that is going to change my future as an educator. The following entry is my first assignment; it was copied and pasted from my reflection on edmodo, a social networking site transforming the way students and teachers engage with each other and the world.

My name is Sandy, I am from Clearwater, Florida. I graduated from HS in 1982 and went to Stetson University as a Pre-Med Bio Chem major. Before I graduated I decided I would rather be an educational psychologist, which meant a change in major to psychology. My parents had started a publishing business and were self made without a college education. They weren’t happy with my change of heart and insisted I take the classes necessary to be a teacher so I “had something to fall back on”. What a blessing it became, not as a fall back but as a lifelong career. I went on to get my Masters of Education with an emphsis in Special Education. I have taught science from pre-K through high school in 5 different states, I have also had the opportunity to teach math, leadership and parenting classes (as it relates to advocating for their own children’s education) to adults. I have been married for 24 years and have two sons, a senior at University of Central Florida and a senior at Manhattan High School. I plan on being back in the traditional school in the next few years not only as an elementary science teacher but also a professional development trainer for other teachers in the area of learning strategies and teaching methods.


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