Edupunk Lecture: Jim Groom


Went to this lecture today. These are my notes with links for exploration. Lots of things to think about.
I have always prided myself on helping my students “think upside down and inside out” now with addition of technology they will be able to express and explore that thinking with others both through words and infographics.
what we plan for people to use our work is not how they end up using it, they take a new direction and use in creative ways.   Look up Ed Parkour on Wikipeda.
Banned and dangerous art…google it, first hit is the umw’s site they use as instructional tool on the topic
Movie ” the big elbow ski”
Aggregated calendar on site using google calendar
Virginia Wolfe, room of ones own book to check out
Stanford univ intro to artificial intelligence
MOOC = Massive open online courses
dS106 classes at different univ sharing and collaborating.
  Students design the class and Create assignments for others to do if they choose
Movie… Videodrome a must see
Wolf moon shirt amazon…check it out, the reviews
“SOPA is like the civil rights movement of the day” Jim Groom

Parkour…check out on Wi
Parkour…check out on Wi

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