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I found this great web tool called Evernote. It works like a personal journal of anything you want to save from the web, email, documents, voice messages, photos and more. The thing about it is that it works on PCs, MACs, iPad/Pods, smart phones with Android market and when you download it on everything you use, it automatically syncs your files, so what you input on your PC at home is now available on your Droid or IPad or whatever devices you choose. I often thing of things at night when I go to bed that I hope I will remember in the morning. Now I just reach over to my cell phone, tap the green elephant button, tap the microphone icon and leave myself a voice message. In the morning it’s waiting for me anywhere I look for it. Evernote is for Schools too,this links you to their site blog where there is an article about it if you are interested in more info. I’m just plain excited!

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