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In his book Avatars of the Word, James Joseph O�Donnell speculates on what the real roles of educators will be in an information-rich world:

[It will be] to advise, guide, and encourage students wading through the deep waters of the information flood. [Educators] will thrive as mentors, tutors, backseat drivers, and coaches. They will use the best skill they have . . . to nudge, push, and sometimes pull students through the educationally crucial tasks of processing information: analysis, problem solving, and synthesis of ideas. These are the heart of education, and these are the activities on which our time can best be spent. (O’Donnell, 1998, p. 156)

I was inspired when I read this “that barriers to learning are not, in fact, inherent in the capacities of learners, but instead arise in learners’ interactions with inflexible educational materials and methods.”

The idea of teachers being mentors and coaches, facilitating the discovery of a students metacognition and critical thinking skills is exactly the what YNotLearn Strategies is all about. My mission is to be in the position to help classroom teachers learn how to facilitate learning in such a manner that remove barriers and truly leave no child behind.

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