Classroom Flipping

Why I Flipped My Classroom video. Have you heard about this teaching method sweeping the blogs and classrooms across the country? It makes sense that this would be a great learning method in theory but the logistics leaves questions; Access? Self-discipline? Do all students “do their homework?” So if the lesson via video IS the homework and your activity, lab or discussion the following day is dependent on the students having watched the video lesson what do you do with the students who “didn’t do their homework”? This same teacher addresses that question. and if you teach math check this out too. I have recommended the Khan Academy videos to a number of parents who’s children were struggling with particular math concepts and always get rave reviews back from them on the success of their child. This teacher has many videos on youtube but I turned off the suggested videos that usually pops up after you watch a youtube video because I have no control of the content.

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