Think back to that special teacher!

Memories of a Mean Old Teacher from Charger Shorecrest on Vimeo.

I posed this statement to my class of pre-service teachers recently, “think back to that special teacher”. It surprised me that there was more than one student who said they could not think of any examples of outstanding, effective or special teachers from their middle or high school years. That saddened me a bit for them. I was lucky enough to have more than one educator in my life that made a huge impact. I was blessed to visit with one of them last summer at my 30th high school reunion. He was and still is, Coach Moore, to me and I was still “Plumlee” 🙂 Beth, speaking in this video, was a friend in highschool and had the great job of putting this video together in preparation for Coach Moore’s retirement celebration. She nailed the feeling and impact this man has had on so many.
A challenge to my students (future teachers) BE THAT SPECIAL TEACHER!

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