“Why would you block my blessing?”

is what a good samaritan said in response to a Military Spouses’ refusal of help in a situation during her husband’s military deployment. That Mil Spouse, Dr. Laura Johnson, a former Soldier herself and parent is now a Psychologist herself and remembers that incident and uses it in her discussions about military families about the importance letting others help and not feeling like you have to do everything on your own.  In a recent podcast discussion with Dr. Jodi Mullen of State University of New York at Oswego, Dr. Johnson, currently the Chief, Department of Behavioral Health at United States Army, Ireland Army Community Hospital, addressed tips for Military parents and non-military professionals (counselors and teachers) to be aware of when dealing with military children during and following a deployment.  “This lifestyle is such a flip…” according to Johnson, where the child is fearful of the parents future.  Mullen, reminded the audience that “anxiety in children looks like irritability” and asked Johnson what is the one thing non-military professionals need to know about military kids, she gave six! Listen to the podcast (30 min) to learn more.  What you can do to support children with a deployed parent(s). 01/10 by Freakishly Well Behaved Kids | Parents Podcasts.

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