A Judgment Free Letter to a Mom on her iPhone

A great blog in honor of Mother’s Day. Something I have really thought about this week as others perhaps looked at me and I thought to myself, come on, judge me, I dare you! I have spent the last week at my son’s bedside in a hospital, where he almost died. It took the doctors 3 days into his recovery before they told me the actual disbelief they had in his recovery. So the couple of hours I take for myself scattered across a 12 hour vigil each day is critical for my own mental health. I check emails from work and friends, surf Facebook and work on a project for work.  It also really helped me to be more aware of my own occasional leap to pre-judgement of others actions.  We don’t know the other peoples story so it’s not our place to question their actions or reactions.   A Judgment Free Letter to a Mom on her iPhone.

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