A reflection on Military Spouse Appreciation Day


Each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day is proclaimed as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The most involvement I have had with this “day” was when I was a volunteer at Army Community Services and helped “put on” the activities for the spouses, of which I was one. Other than that, it’s another friday. My good friend Nadine Albrecht summed up my thoughts so well in a post that I wanted to share it.

“I have mixed feelings about Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I don’t feel we need a day set aside but the thought behind it is sweet. I feel blessed that (my husband) makes the effort to show his love and appreciation daily. I imagine I would love and support him regardless of his profession. I know our lifestyle is unique and comes with it’s own set of challenges but I hope spouses everywhere feel appreciated.

My husband happens to be a Soldier and that is just one thing that I love about him. I wear many hats in my life and Military Spouse is one of them but it is not all that I am. One day he will hang up his dog tags and we will start a new chapter.”

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