The whole child

This is a great letter that every school should include with students standardized test scores! The scores paint such a narrow picture of the whole child, yet they are often given too much power in the minds of state and local administrators, teachers, parents and the child themself.

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MCEC’s On the Move Magizine: my article in print!

Very happy to share a link to a great publication. This month it includes an article I wrote with a colleague and friend, Laurie Curtis in the College of Education at K-State.

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Great resource for military parents and educators who serve military connected students.  Awareness of what services and programs are available is key. 

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It will be ok. . .

A fellow military spouse writes,  “This sight takes my breath away and puts a knot in my stomach. It will be ok, it will be ok. . .”  A ritual that most military families go through. The living room full of military gear getting packed into tough boxes to be shipped downrange, in this case Afghanistan. The feeling is always the same and when you see it happen to someone else the feeling is still there. God speed and a safe return friend. 10534302_10203122626039714_4484280271126083164_n

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YDU: Don’t Believe the Spouse Sisterhood? |

Great article by a fellow MilSpouse, Jill Crider. Thank you Jill for setting the record straight. YDU: Don’t Believe the Spouse Sisterhood? |

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Fort Bliss soldiers honor a fallen comrade’s promise

Soldiers dressed in full Army Dress Blues filled the front seats of Mountain View High School graduation ceremony on June 7, 2014; a unique sight, even for a city located just outside a military installation. As Lluvia Loeza’s name was called, the Soldiers rose to their feet and rendered a salute.


It’s not just the children of Military Service Members that are affected, the siblings are also Military-Connected and need support. This is an awesome display of Army Family Strong. Fort Bliss Soldiers honor a fallen comrade’s promise. 

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The Basic Black Dress

The Basic Black Dress.

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A reflection on Military Spouse Appreciation Day


Each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day is proclaimed as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The most involvement I have had with this “day” was when I was a volunteer at Army Community Services and helped “put on” the activities for the spouses, of which I was one. Other than that, it’s another friday. My good friend Nadine Albrecht summed up my thoughts so well in a post that I wanted to share it.

“I have mixed feelings about Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I don’t feel we need a day set aside but the thought behind it is sweet. I feel blessed that (my husband) makes the effort to show his love and appreciation daily. I imagine I would love and support him regardless of his profession. I know our lifestyle is unique and comes with it’s own set of challenges but I hope spouses everywhere feel appreciated.

My husband happens to be a Soldier and that is just one thing that I love about him. I wear many hats in my life and Military Spouse is one of them but it is not all that I am. One day he will hang up his dog tags and we will start a new chapter.”

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A Judgment Free Letter to a Mom on her iPhone

A great blog in honor of Mother’s Day. Something I have really thought about this week as others perhaps looked at me and I thought to myself, come on, judge me, I dare you! I have spent the last week at my son’s bedside in a hospital, where he almost died. It took the doctors 3 days into his recovery before they told me the actual disbelief they had in his recovery. So the couple of hours I take for myself scattered across a 12 hour vigil each day is critical for my own mental health. I check emails from work and friends, surf Facebook and work on a project for work.  It also really helped me to be more aware of my own occasional leap to pre-judgement of others actions.  We don’t know the other peoples story so it’s not our place to question their actions or reactions.   A Judgment Free Letter to a Mom on her iPhone.

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The Burden Military Kids Face

See on Scoop.itMilitary Connected Student Education

by Jim Knotts President and CEO of Operation Homefront. With April as Month of the Military Child and our signature Military Child of the Year™ (MCOY) program just completed – there’s no better tim…

Sandy Risberg‘s insight:

Over 1 million military children have only known life during time of war…and yet most continue to thrive. 

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